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Culture and Nature
Why Wilderness
Indoor Generation
Emotional Identification
Wilderness Experience
Wilderness Needs
How can we create a positive impact on both, nature and people?
How can we create a positive impact on both, nature and people?
This website is about how wilderness experience can lead to more sensibilization for nature, followed by its appreciation and as a consequence the willingness to create new wilderness areas.
Our world is largely made up of two distinct parts: the man-made part and the part that is not of our origin: culture and nature.

- Torbjørn Ekelund
Wilderness Act
Do not confuse industrial forests with wild woods
Spruces are popular in forestry because of their very straight growth. They also grow very quickly because they are cultivated in many countries that are too warm for them. This makes them vulnerable to storms and bark beetles.
Even Germany, a very densely populated country, has commercial forest on 30% of its total area. A chance for more wild woods.
Hover for Sound
"A wilderness, in contrast to those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape, is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain"
- Wilderness Act
Despite the omnipresent outdoor culture, we spend 90% of our time indoors.

- Süddeutsche Zeitung
„It is civilization that has caused a Nature-human dualism. Wilderness Areas are the best idea we`ve had for healing that breach, for reintegrating people back into Nature in a humble and respectful way.“

- Dave Foreman
Do it like Sweden
"The Swedish freedom to roam is a right protected by the law that allows you to sleep and eat and walk pretty much wherever you want. The only thing you have to pay is respect for nature and the animals living there."

- Visit Sweden
"At the bedrock level, what drives both reform environmentalism and deep ecology is the practical problem of how to compel human beings to respect and care for wild nature. The tradition of Thoreau and Muir says that the best way to do it is raw, visceral contact with wild nature."

- Jack Turner
“Wilderness is most powerful as a place, an idea, and an institution that teaches us our limitations: our limitations as individuals, our limitations as a civilization, and our limitations as a species."

- Spencer R. Phillips
Synergies between wilderness and sustainable tourism
If the number of visitors to an area is regulated by calculating the Carrying Capacity - the maximum number of visitors to an area without harming it - there are the following synergy posibilities:
- Travel and camp on durable ground
- Good campsites are found, not made
- Camp, wash the dishes and go to the toilet 200 feet away from water
- Use little and biodegradable soap
- Keep fires small and in fire rings
- For fires only use sticks from the ground that can be broken by hand
- Leave what you find
- Respect wildlife and other visitors
Minimum size, intactness and undisturbedness are key elements for wilderness core zones. Development zones will be introduced if support by humans is necessary for renaturation. After ten years these will be transferred into core zones. Buffer zones are transitional areas between wilderness areas and the surrounding cultural landscape.
Corridores are important in order to ensure exchange between wilderness areas. For example genetic exchange, exchange between populations, animal migration, natural dispersal and repopulation processes.
Trophic Cascade: The reintroduction of large carnivores can enrich not only an entire ecosystem, but also its physical appearance.
The platform limits the number of visitors and thus protects the respective area. Small fees serve as an alternative source of income for the provider of an area. In the best case the area can be rewilded and pulled from its previous use. In highly industrialised countries, this gives people the possibility of reconnecting with nature.
„Sometimes the best way to fight bad things is to promote good things. As conservationists, we spend most of our time averting threats. Too seldom do we promote positive, active, vibrant solutions; even less often do we engage in life-affirming work on the ground.“

- John Davis
Presets like "Camping near me" support regional and therefore environmentally friendly trips. Date options like "This Weekend" promote the idea of spontaneous microadventures.
There are a variety of filter options for a stay in nature. With the filter "Wilderness since" you can define how wild the area you want to visit actually is, with the filter "Needs support" you can display places which would need more visitors in order to be preserved as wilderness.
A possibility for individuals and communities to share areas in order to finance rewilding and the possibility to stop environmentally harmful resource exploitation.
A variety of filter topics as inspiration on the landing page.
A platform for booking and offering simple overnight stays with tents to experience nature.